Monday, August 3, 2009


Many motivational types would argue that our behaviors are our expressions of what we truly want. ("I know you said you wanted X, but you did Y, ergo, the life you're looking at is the life you wanted to create.") I don't agree. Your behaviors, the sum of which is your life, represent your decisions, not your desires. I would love to tell you to bound out of bed in the morning eager to create the abundant life you want, but if you're like most grown-ups, "what I want" winds up at the end of our daily to-do list, the list we never complete. Because we so tightly embrace our responsibilities, we live "gotta" lives, not "wanna."

It's easy to live a "gotta" life. Kids. Job. Faith. Partner. We don't have to think; those responsibilities must be attended to, and we're right to give it our quality attention. But life can slip into bitterness and fatigue if we don't put a little "wanna" in there. It takes courage to consider what you really want from today. A courageous choice is where we grow, where we live our truths, where we exercise our talent. It could be as simple as buying yourself a pound of the coffee you want, or as challenging as getting up an hour earlier to write the story that's hammering at your brain. Courageous choice takes you a step closer to being an athlete, an expert, a crafter, a project manager.

It's time to put in the effort to create a better you. What a great choice to make each day! What do you want for you today?

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Clint Stonebraker said...

Today I want to continue on the path I am on. I feel fortunate that I get to love my work and enjoy my leisure time. My responsibility to me is to remain excited and engaged. It requires effort on my part, a little positive discomfort. You are so right, there are so many "gottas" I must remember to honor the"wannas." Thanks for the reminder!