Monday, December 14, 2009

Hooray for Steve Williams

Steve Williams is Tiger Woods' caddie. In recent interviews aimed at getting more dirt on the beleaguered golfer, Williams declined to play the bashing game. He essentially said: I worked for the guy, he was always gracious to me, I know nothing about these allegations. . .he's my friend.

What a stand-up guy, and how rare. A microphone in the face is unbearingly alluring with its opportunity for instant, if brief, fame for joining the spread-the-dirt crowd.

How does Steve Williams relate to you? You have constant opportunities at work to bash a co-worker going through a bad time or who's made big mistakes, and it's tempting to join the cubicle crowd in it. Resist the temptation (because you feel a little scummy about yourself when you do make another person the butt of cruel jokes). Be the one who doesn't. Be the one to stand beside someone going through hell. They will never forget the gift of your loyalty and support. And you'll feel better about yourself.

Make Steve Williams your example for how to be a friend.